Youth, jobs, and pensions: three needed changes

We are healthier and live longer, but this seems exaclty the problem that condemns us to an endless decline.

Original Italian article by Francesco Grillo published in Corriere della Sera.

There is a ranking in which Italy still manages to be at the top.
It is the one for the "average life expectancy" in which we are fifth and it is an important result because it relies on the parameter with which the Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen would replace the Gross Domestic Product to measure the wealth of nations.

However, it seems to be an irreconcilable contradiction between scientific progress and economics: we are healthier and longer-living but this seems to be the problem that condemns us to an endless decline.
If only we succeeded in reasoning strategically, we would find a way to change the country and, perhaps, the outcome of the elections that seem destined to have no winners.


Full article availabel in italian here

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