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Vision's organizational model is not less innovative than the kind of projects and outcomes it proposes.
As opposed to traditional brick and mortars research centres, Vision does not have a number of dedicated scholars. Vision's “staff”, in fact, works in different professional environments (media, universities, management, government) and live in different cities (mostly in London, Paris, Washington DC and major Italian ones) and bring to Vision the richness of their different point of view.

They use Vision as a platform to put together expertises and develop joint projects.

Francesco Grillo

Francesco Grillo

Francesco is Academic Visitor at St.Antony's College (University of Oxford) and Associate at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa. Advisor to the Minister of Education, Universities and Research. Managing director of Vision and Value, the management consulting firm, advising strategies to major institutions (including the European Commission and Italian Ministry of Economy) and multinationals. He has been Visiting Fellow at Oxford Internet Institute. Columnist for Corriere della Sera.
Annalisa Piras

Giovanni Esposito

Giovanni undertook his education trough a multidisciplinary oriented path.

He graduated in Political Science at Bologna University.
He sees social sciences applied to politics as a great synthesis of his interests and passions. He is particularly focused on the themes of economic changes process, holding a strong belief that the intersection between sociology, economics and psychology could supply the essential key to understand nowadays reality.

Asif Parvez

Rosita Romeo

Rosita is Energy Advisor at CasaClima, an agency committed to energy certification release. She is focused mainly on indoor comfort as she strongly believes that space  we inhabit should embed fundamental values. She is also DESIGNPLAZA Cultural Director. Art lover, magnetic public speaker, she collaborates with Vision contrubuting her expertise within projects revolving around innovative way of living indoor space.

Francesco Grillo

Riccardo Scarfato

A curious and highly motivated critical thinker, Riccardo holds a Master's Degree from John Cabot University in “Corporate Finance” and a Master's Degree in Law with a focus on EU and Corporate Law, from the University of Salerno and Robert Schuman University in Strasbourg. One of 100 students at the Scuola di Politiche – SdP in 2018. He has a strong experience in Brussels, where he worked in EU policies and anti-trust law, with Regione Campania and De Berti Jacchia Law Firm.

Annalisa Piras

Andrea Iannone

Coming from a humanities background, Andrea pursued a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance from John Cabot University in order to work in sectors with high social impact. After seven years of living and working in Los Angeles, he now is based in Rome, IT, and collaborates with Vision's consultancy branch, Vision & Value.

Francesco Grillo

Fabio Gitto

Fabio is a consultant for innovation policy projects, mainly focused in technological innovation.
He holds a Master Degree at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in "Management, Innovation and Service Engineering" and a three years bachelor in Business Economics at the "University of Messina", with thesis in Computer Science on management systems for Open Source Enterprises " 

Marco Berlinguer

Marco Berlinguer lives in Barcelona, where he collaborates at the Institut de govern i politíques públiques (IGOP), doing research on Internet, politics and digital commons. He has a degree in Philosophy (Universitá La Sapienza, Rome), a Master in Information Society and Knowledge Economy (Universitat Obierta de Catalunya, Barcelona) and a PhD in Public Policy and Social Transformation (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Barcelona).

Annalisa Piras

Stefania Rubiu

Architect specialized in Urban Planning. She graduated in Architecture at "La Sapienza University of Rome" She then completed her studies at the "Gugliemo Marconi Faculty" Master Course "Environmental Planning and Territory" with thesis "Methods for assessing the environmental sustainability of road infrastracture".

Asif Parvez

Filomena Berardi

Filomena is a PhD social psychologist with a major focus on intergroup relations, social representations of history and their role in process of negotation of identity politics. As a consultant for Vision & Value she works on research projects focused on "smart specialization strategy", a main lever for European inclusion policy. She is Marketing Specialist and Content Editor for Vision think tank.
Francesco Grillo

Margot Bezzi

Margot Bezzi has been dealing with organizational, social and economic changes connected to the Internet and the digital transition for 10 years. Since 2006 she has worked in the international public sphere with the United Nations in Chile and in Egypt, and in Brussels in the European Commission.

Annalisa Piras

Stephen Benians

Stephen is a consultant at The Centre (Brussels) and Vision (Rome), managing projects for the European Commission and establishing projects of research and collaboration with thinking communities across Europe. He is an expert in creative communications and in establishing dialogue and policy networks. He has extensive experience in managing and evaluating cultural and political projects. 


Asif Parvez

Riccardo Broggi

Riccardo, originally from Milan, is a Computer Science student at the University of Bath with a background in Philosophy, Economics and Mathematics from St Louis School of Milan. He is currently an Intern at JP Morgan Chase as a Techonolgoy Analyst and an incoming Summer intern at PWC& Strategy; he has also worked part-time for Finimize and he is Partnerships Officer for Project Access Italy.


Annalisa Cappellini

Annalisa is a political consultant specialised in democratic innovation and strategic change management.

She is a PhD candidate in comparative politics at King’s College London focusing her work on party democracy and intra-party power dynamics. She also holds a research master from UCL in Politics & Security.


Silvia Ivaldi

Silvia Ivaldi is a consultant and researcher in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Bergamo. She is a collaborator of the research center TRAILab at the Università Cattolica of Milano. She has a PHD in Economic Sociology. Her main interests regard the new forms of work and organizations inside the current socio-economic scenario. She is also co-founder of the not for profit association Polis Fuoriclasse and member and past curator of the Global Shapers Community in Milan, World Economic Forum.


Oscar Pasquali

Oscar is working as "Head of the Technical Secretariat" of the Italian Minister of Education and University. More in details, he deals with education, research, innovation and technology transfer policies. Since 2012 to the beginning of 2016 he worked as Policy Manager of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, focusing on the internationalization of companies, foreign investments and he collaborated with the organizer of the US Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. 


Silvia Castellazzi

Silvia has a major in Philosophy and a PhD in Business Ethics. She works as Account Manager in the Corporate Education division of the Business School of Politecnico di Milano (MIP). Her interests and activities are focused on managerial education and development, corporate responsibility, innovation competences and the future of work


Christina Maraboutaki

Christina is an attorney-at-law, member of the Athens Bar Association. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Sapienza University of Rome where she undertakes a project on gender representation in the field of technological innovations. She holds an MA in Political Science and Sociology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and an MSc in Gender Studies from the Birkbeck University of London where she conducted a research on gendered and sexualised violence.

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